Saturday, November 8, 2008

Avoid Fast Weight Loss Plans

But why do you want to lose weight fast, did you gain it fast? are you into modelling with your present weight? do you know why there are fast weight loss plans?

The only reason there are that large number of fast plans is the ease with which one can get into a huge industry and earns good money, by tuning the already present themes. Cutting on calories may go from the normal daily requirements (about 2000 calories/day), to 1500, 1200, 1000, 800, or..500 calories/day(!!!). Food categories may be alternated to involve reducing carbs or fats, increasing proteins, or shifting calories.

Others play the exercise game by modifying physical activity to involve sophisticated devices designed for different parts of the body, so that you may (sculpt) your body according to your taste.

Revising the trends of these fast plans, we find that:
- Trimming down the calories may shed off the extras on the short scale, yet it has a negative impact on health on the long run. Decreasing calories below the basic daily needs will result in energy shortage, and to spare it the body slows down its metabolism, resulting to fatigue and weakened resistance. Reducing calories over a longer period of time may result in the body burning muscles which burn calorie sall-day round, thus they burn fat while you are sitting to your computer, or watching the television.

- Taking slimming pills is an artificial alternative that did not prove that much better way to lose weight , not to mention the possible side effects.

- Strenuous exercise is not for every one and needs loose limits of place, time and money.

After all, after stopping any of these fast plans you will regain the lost weight and may be more.
The best known way is to change your lifestyle that led you to gain weight, do not eat excess food and keep physically active, and ... be patient.