Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do Not Lose Weight Fast

The Best Way To Lose Weight Do Not Lose It Fast

This lens is highly informative about fast weight loss. It goes deep in discussing the pros and cons of fast weight loss, as well as it contains information about how to compare diet plans.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ways To Convert High GI into Low GI Foods

High Glycemic Index (GI) foods contain carbohydrates that are rapidly digested thus raise both bloog sugar and insulin, while Low Glycemic Index foods slowly release glucose and insulin into the blood stream. Examples of high GI foods are, white bread, refined breakfast cereals, and concentrated sugars, examples of low GI foods include whole grains, oat, most fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

Recent research revealed the benefits of decreasing carbohydrates intake, since high carb (specially theose with high GI) have many negative impacts on our health, and the preference of low GI foods over the the high GI foods is well established. Many people are now restricting their high GI carbs intake to a great extent.

There are no attempts to convert high glycemic foods into low glycemic foods, yet there are some products that are promoted for weight loss for the same property of minimizing glucose release, these are the carb blockers.

Carb blockers extracted from white kidney beans, they neutralize the digestive enzyme alpha amylase, and thus prevent this enzyme from converting starch into glucose, and reduce the amount of carbs absorbed. This mechanism makes them not interfering with absorption of simple sugars including the essential sugars. Simple sugars are present in far less amounts than starch in many foods.

Carb blockers, through minimizing conversion of starch into glucose can convert high glycemic index foods into low ones. You can read the details of carb blockers here..Dietrine

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Avoid Fast Weight Loss Plans

But why do you want to lose weight fast, did you gain it fast? are you into modelling with your present weight? do you know why there are fast weight loss plans?

The only reason there are that large number of fast plans is the ease with which one can get into a huge industry and earns good money, by tuning the already present themes. Cutting on calories may go from the normal daily requirements (about 2000 calories/day), to 1500, 1200, 1000, 800, or..500 calories/day(!!!). Food categories may be alternated to involve reducing carbs or fats, increasing proteins, or shifting calories.

Others play the exercise game by modifying physical activity to involve sophisticated devices designed for different parts of the body, so that you may (sculpt) your body according to your taste.

Revising the trends of these fast plans, we find that:
- Trimming down the calories may shed off the extras on the short scale, yet it has a negative impact on health on the long run. Decreasing calories below the basic daily needs will result in energy shortage, and to spare it the body slows down its metabolism, resulting to fatigue and weakened resistance. Reducing calories over a longer period of time may result in the body burning muscles which burn calorie sall-day round, thus they burn fat while you are sitting to your computer, or watching the television.

- Taking slimming pills is an artificial alternative that did not prove that much better way to lose weight , not to mention the possible side effects.

- Strenuous exercise is not for every one and needs loose limits of place, time and money.

After all, after stopping any of these fast plans you will regain the lost weight and may be more.
The best known way is to change your lifestyle that led you to gain weight, do not eat excess food and keep physically active, and ... be patient.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hunger Neurons, Satiety, Carbs and Obesity Causes

Free radicals naturally produced in the body attacks neurons responsible for both hunger and satiety in the brain, yet it only causes degeneration of neurons prompting satiety, since the hunger neurons are naturally protected. This effect occurs after eating and is more compelling after eating carbohydrate rich food.

Adult onset obesity is now on the right way to understanding its underlying causes. The revealed mechanism is unfortunately affronted with a carbohydrate and sugar rich style of eating in the modern times.

Does this mean that low carb diets are better for overweight and obese people?
Low carb food proved to be healthier - until now.

Read the details...
Killer Carbs: Scientist Finds Key To Overeating As We Age

Source : Science Daily

Monash University

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mackerel Is Not For Overweight Dolphins, What About Humans?

The zookeeper says that they are trying to make fat dolphins return to their best weight by offering them fewer mackerels and feeding them less fatty fish, to restore their ability to jump in the air as high as before. If mackerel made dolphins fat, what it does for humans?

As an oily fish, mackerel is not too high in calories, as it contains 205 Calories per 100 g, i.e. 1 1/3 cup of Coca Cola. For a human portion size and as a part of the daily food intake, it does not represent a problem for weight control, moreover, it is rich with the healthy omega fatty acids.

The problem with the dolphins is their weight and eating pattern (lifestyle?), since an adult dolphin weighs 175-237 kgs and eats approximately 8-15 kgs every day, if all its food is mackerel then it will produce 8000-15000 Calories per day, does it need that amount?
With empirical calculations comparing to humans, a dolphin would need 4850-6770 Calories per day. They pack dolphins with calories!

Do not follow dolphins and eat mackerel.

Read the story...
Aquarium puts 'fat' dolphins on diet - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Source : abc.net.au


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weight Watchers is The Best Documented Plan

Weight Watchers is a better documented weight loss plan among 10 of the most popular weight loss programs in US, according to researchers who published their review in Tuesday's Annals of Internal Medicine.
According to 1 study of Weight Watchers, participants lost around 5 percent (about 10 pounds) of their initial weight in 6 months and kept half of it 2 years later.

Science in weight loss plan involves, its components, safety, staff qualification, cost and effectiveness, and these elements should be elucidated through protracted studies. Although the researchers reviewed 10 of the most popular weight loss plans in US, yet 9 of them had not enough evidence to support the claims of many of them about helping people to lose weight.

Unlike resolved health problems, weight loss problem has not been resolved and millions of people who spend billions of dollars, do not have much solid ground to go on when choosing their weight loss program. Even the given results of Weight Watchers' can be considered of a modest value to heavy and obese people. Weight loss plans are in the stage of alternative medicine.

Read the details...
Data on diet plans are slim - Fitness- msnbc.com

Source : msnbc - health

Associated Press

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do Not Diet and Follow These Ways To Lose Weight

You can acquire some habits that make you need not to diet, and you will lose weight. These ways are:

1- Eat good healthy fillers
Vegetables and fruits absorbs water and swells in your stomach, thus occupying more space and making you feel less hungry, moreover, the water saturated fibers in these foods are heavier in weight and need more calories to move down your gut.

2- Walk a dog an hour every week

3- Sleep more than 6 hours every day

4- Make your dishes sniffy by adding spices

5- Have a positive attitude that makes you physically active

6- Do not eat before you are hungry and stop eating just before you are full

7- Meditate before and during eating

8- Salty foods leads to big sugary drinks that add pounds

9- Chose funny shows to watch

Read more details about these ways...
9 ways to lose weight without dieting - Health - MSNBC.com

Source : msnbc.com

Self magazine

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Could We Inject Brown Fat into Our Belleies To Lose Weight

Brown fat cells are where the the fats transported from the fat store in the human body (white fat cells) are burned. They are few and far between in the human body shortly after birth. Brown fat has a close relationship to muscles.

In this experiment, scientists succeeded to increase brown fat cells by introducing 2 specific proteins into the body of rats, and found that the rats become leaner.

Could one day we transplant brown fat cells into an obese person's abdomen to make him lose weight efficiently?

Read the details...
Could We Lose Weight by Injecting Fat into Our Bellies?: Scientific American

Source : Scientific American


New Drug Equivalent To Gastric-Bypass Surgery

A new drug (Tesofensine) that reduces weight by 20 per cent in 6 months (when combined wit the proper diet). Sicentists see it is the chemeical equivalent to stomach stapling or gastric-bypass surgery. The new drug was discvored by accident, when researchers observed that patients taking the drug as a tested treatment for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases were losing weight as a side effect.

The drug targets brain chemical linked to appetite, thus suppresses hunger and overeating. The net result is an energy deficit that forces the body to burn off the excess fat. Nothing new about its mechanism of action, yet it is as twice as the best existing drugs used to treat overweight.

The drug awaits the results of the phase 3 studies.

Source : The Independent

Drug can cut weight by 20 per cent in six months - Health News, Health & Wellbeing - The Independent

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ephedra Is Not The Best Thermogenic for Weight Loss

Ephedra is taken to make heat production by the body easier, and this very recent study reveals that making heat production more difficult
is much better for your body to lose weight.

Like water can be found as ice and liquid water, energy in our body is stored in chemical molecules or released as heat, both are 2 different forms of the the same material.The energy needed by our bodies comes from the food we eat. After energy is extracted from food, it is consumed as follows:

- Excreted as fecal energy
- Execreted through the urinary system
- Available for the body for cellular reproduction, growth (especially in children), or work as muscle movement
- Stored mostly as fat
- Consumed by the body to heat up the internal organs (the largest part)

Heat production induced by diet, is performed by the Brown Fat Tissue which is triggered by the sympatheic nervous system. This is why Ephedra was used because it may increase thermogenesis (heat production) as it contains the sympathomimetic amine Ephedrine, and as a result it induces weight loss.

In this new study, rats were induced to use an alternate mechanism to produce heat, i.e. the white fat tissue. The result was that the rats were more resistant to obesity and were adapted to the change in temperature by retaining the alternative pathway.

Read the details...
Making Metabolism More Inefficient Can Reduce Obesity

Source : Science Daily

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hot 17 Tips To Lose Weight

1- Replace your heavy mayonnaise with low fat yogurt. You can use 1 teaspoon of Ijon mustard or satay souce with yogurt

2- Do not leap any meal specially breakfast. Do not direct your body to conserve energy during a time of limited calories

3- Pack your vegetables like zucchini and pepper with flavored fillings
Deceive Your Body To Lose Weight

4- Execise for 20-30 minutes prior to the evening meal to break metabolism slow-down in the evening

5- Browse healthy recipes and arm yourself with good information about nutrition

6- Gain new cooking habits to avoid the unwanted additives like fat, salt and sugar

7- Minimize oil in your cooking and use olive or canola oil, or even stir fry without oil

8- Substitute non fat yogurt for cream in cooking

9- Use spices and herbs rather than salt (all meat contains salt and you can taste it in well-done meat)

10- Eat slowly and chew your food, this contributes to reduce your appetite

11- Avoid huge meals and eat small meals(3) and snacks(20

12- Try not to reject skin of fruits and vegetables, they almost contain valuable nutrients, act as a filling, and help fight constipation

13- Make use of the good content of proteins in beans and legumes like, soya beans,tofu,lentils,beans..etc, use them in caserolls and soups

14- Avoid eating 3 hours or more before going to sleep, your metabolism is already sleepy

15- Substitute salad for fast food ,it takes 10 minutes and fills you with good nutrients

16- Omitt egg yolks when making omelette, this allows you to use larger number of eggs

17- Relate your shopping list to your menu plan and...eat before you go shopping

Do not forget discipline and maintain consistent plan

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The New Fat and Hormone That Reduce Appetite

A natural fat called OEA (olylethanolamide) has a direct relation to regulation of hunger and metabolism. Increasing its levels reduced appetite and weight in rats.
Scintists found another hormone (PYY3-36 hormone) that reduces appetite and calorie consumption (by a third) in both lean and overweight people.

The 2 new substances need further studies to present the basis of a new treatment of obesity. Until that, the best way to lose weight is still changing life style to eat healthy foods, reducw calorie intake and regularly exercise.

Read the details...
2 substances tell body to stop eating

Source: Medical News Today

Tips to Lose Weight from BBC

Here are some tips on how to lose weight presented by BBC:

1- Losing a pound a week is a realistic target

2- Sharing keeps you motivated

3- Prescribed drugs help weight loss by people with Body Mass Index(BMI) of 30 or more

4- Surgery such as gastric banding or gastric bypass is suggested when all methods of weight loss are exhausted

BBC - Check Up Transcript 26/06/2008

Source: BBC

Alli(R) and Healthy Foods for Family Members

Alli(R) is an over-the-counter(OTC) weight loss pills with a comprehensive individualized action plan. This study examined the purchases made by 15000 households who have alli(R) diet program within their house. It was observed that repeat alli buyers increased their buying of healthy foods like yogurt, adult cereal, diet control bars, premium frozen entrees and multivitains. Other family members in the house would share these same meals. Read more details...

New Data Show alli(R) (Orlistat 60 mg) Diet Plan May Have a Positive Effect on Family Members

Source : Earthtimes.org


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Targetted Fat To Lose, Either All or None

Specific exercises and devices to target fat in certain parts of the body do not work, you lose fat from all the body by exercise and diet or one of them.

This study reveals that diet alone is as effective at reducing fat as equal to a combination plan of both diet and exercise, as long as calories in aquals calories out. Researchers found that the best way to lose weight is a combination of diet and exercise, since exercise improved aerobic fitness, which has other important cardiovascular and metabolic implications.

Read more details...
Newswise Medical News | Fewer Calories or More Exercise: the Effect on Body Composition is Identical

Source : Wise Medical News

Endocrine Society

Over 60? Exercise Or You Lose Muscle If On Diet Alone

Among old people (60-75 years), exercise produces metabolic changes that require the expenditure of fewer calories during physical activity, it also allowed them to more preferentially burn fat.

In this study, the diet plus exercise group was the most efficient at the exercise task at the end of the experiment, compared to other groups.

Read the details...
Older People Who Diet Without Exercising Lose Valuable Muscle Mass

Source : Science Daily

Journal of Applied Physiology

Saturday Fat Calories Interrupt Your Weight Loss Plan

This study on overweight people showed that food consumed during weekends caused them to stop losing weight, thus interrupting their weight loss plans.

An average of 36 percent of their total calories came from fat on Saturdays, but less than 35 percent came from fat during the rest of the week. The typical weekend weight gain before the diet and exercise interventions began would have led to an average increase of 9 pounds a year.

Enjoy your week end but pay a closer attention to portion size.

Read the details...
Weekends Slow Weight Loss, Researchers Find:

Source : Science Daily

Washington University School of Medicine

Break Exercise and You Gain Difficult Weight

If you want to lose weight, avoid seasonal and interrupted patterns.
In this study, it was found that people who break exercise can not lose the same weight gained during exercise layoff by simply resuming the same exercise regimen.

If you decrease running distance from 5 to zero miles per week, you gain 4 times as much weight as one who decreased running distance from 25 to 20 miles per week, and if you want to lose this gained amount after exercise interruption, your running should exceed 20 miles per week.

If you include exercise in your weight loss plan, you should be consistent and never stop exercise to keep maintaining your weight.

Read the details...
Irregular Exercise Pattern May Add Pounds

Source : Science Daily

Medicine&Science in Sports and Exercise

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Long Term Way To Lose Weight

The long term goals of weight control is to keep thin and not to lose some pounds by the end of a month or a year. The notions that you need to focus on to achieve your long term weight control goals are:

- Keep thinking thin as a means of staying healthy
- Keep eating low fat and moderate carbohydrates
- Keep eating breakfast every day
- Keep a diary of what you eat
- Keep on physical activity

Read some tips on how you can achieve long term weight loss goals...
Thinking Thin: Recipe for Success for Long-Term Weight Loss

Source : WebMD

University of Michigan Health System

Is The New Beverly Hills Diet For You?

Beverly Hills diet is based on the notion that there are faster digesting foods and slower digesting foods, and that each category of foods has favorable conditions for proper digestion; in other words:

- Fruits are self digesting and needs 15-20 minutes to digest
- Carbohydrates takes about 3 hours to digest and its digestion begins in the mouth with saliva which requires an alkaline medium
- Proteins takes up to 10 hours to digest, and digestion is basically done in the stomach with its acidic medium
- Fats are not eaten alone and receives not much attention in the plan

Accordingly, each food category (fruits,carbohydrates,proteins) should be eaten alone and not mixed together, otherwise, faster-digesting food would be trapped behind a slower one leading to poor digestion and prompting weight gain.

Pros and cons of Beverly Hills diet:
- it encourages eating enough fruits and vegetables which is good
- It encourages eating less calories (this is why any plan works)
- It needs a luxury lifestyle regarding time and money (may be Beverly Hills residents can afford)
- Not much attention is paid to fat and exercise
- Lack of adequacy makes it difficult to sustain

Read some details...
The New Beverly Hills Diet

Source: WebMD

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do You Really Follow Your Diet Plan?

How do you chose your diet plan?
Do you say to yourself, I will go to this or that plan because it fulfills my dreams of all fats or proteins I want? and then you eat steak, lobster and eggs dripping with butter?

It is very important that you delve in th details of your diet plan, and not just follow a general idea of losing weight. It is a plan that has many details you should stick to.

Read this discussion...
Did Low-Carb Dieters Really Follow the Atkins Plan? - Well Blog - NYTimes.com

New York Times

High Carb Low Fat&Protein Diet Is The Best

A diet that is very high in complex carbohydrates (Grains,Vegetables and Fruits), and low in both fat and protein is the best way to lose weight, researchers say.

In this experiment, animals fed on a high protein diet were found to contain 23,9 percent of their body weight as fat, while low protein group had only 15.6 percent accounted for by fat. There is a possibility that low protein diet produces more body heat and burns more calories.

Read the details...

Source : New York Times

University of Virginia

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Deceive Your Body with Flavors and You Lose Weight

In this interesting study, obese people lost about 15 percent of their body weight.
It was shown that flavoring foods of the subjects with calorie-free seasonings and sweeteners makes them feel full faster and lower their consumption of foods.

The tastant crystals used in the trial is not yet available commercially. They give the taste of cheddar cheese, horse raddish, ranch dressing, taco, or parmesan as seasonings. They give the taste of cocoa, spearmint, banana, raspberry, and malt as sweeteners.

For now, you can sniff and chew your food before you eat it. You may also season your low calorie foods. Read the details...
Heightened Sense Of Taste Can Promote Weight Loss

Source: Science Daily

Endocrine Society

Gastric Bypass is not the Best for Diabetics and Larger Pouche Size

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the successful means of losing weight permanently.
Yet examination of data from 361 patients who underwent gastric bypass revealed that 5-15 percent of patients do not lose weight successfully. Diabetes and having a larger size of the stomach pouch after gastric bypass surgery were independently associated with poor weight loss. Read the details...
Factors Associated With Poor Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass Surgery Identified

Source : Science Daily

JAMA/Archives journals

Sex Duet Exercise To Lose Weight

In her book "The Ultimate Sex Diet", Kerry McClosky discusses how good practice of sex can lead you to lose weight. She discusses the following aspects:

# The motivations given by a new relationship and boosting metabolism
# How acquiring the bad habits of a partner after the honey moon can lead to overweight
# Healthy foods for Healthy Loving
# Fighting cravings
# Sex and calories
# "Sexercise" cycle: the more you exercise, the more sex you have, the more exercise you are getting

Read an excerpt...
Lose weight by having fun in the bedroom - Relationships - MSNBC.com

Source : msn

Books / Relationships

Do Not Escape the Scrutiny of Your Brain To Lose Weight

Weight gain is the result of routine overeating, and this happens when eating becomes mindless. There is an area in the brain called Left Posterior Amygdala
(LPA) that monitor the volume of food in your stomach while you eat.When it sees that your gut is full to a satisfactory level, LPA tells the brain to order you to stop eating. Many people introduce calories faster than their brain orders them to stop.

You have to be listening to your body while eating and these 7 steps help you to fill up without filling out. Read...
7 clever ways to outsmart your stomach - Health - MSNBC.com

Source : msn - Health

Men's Health

Friday, October 17, 2008

Which Diet Keeps Weight Gain Away?

It is not difficult for most of us to lose weight, the most difficult thing is to keep weight gain away. In this study, The Europeans studied 5 diets to see which is the most effective one in helping people to stop weight gain, after initially losing some weight.

The data are analyzed on which diet is likely the best. Results will be presented at the Diogenes satellite on May 5/6 2009. Read the details...

Most Of Us Can Lose Weight Initially -- Keeping It Off Is Another Matter

Source : Science Daily

Diogenes Dietary Intervention Study

Weight Control: Looking Fat or Being Fat?

When do you decide to have weight control and lose some fat? when you are really fat or according to your perception of what others consider normal body weight, and how you see yourself "looking" not fat. Read on...

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Source: Science Daily

Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC

The New Way for Kids To Lose Weight

Obesity is now an epidemic that caught even kids. In this study, it was shown that reading may reduce weight in adolscents after reading novels, it is a new, easy and interesting way. Read on...

Reading Novel Can Help Obese Kids Lose Weight, Study Shows

Source : Science Daily

The Duke Children's Hospital

The Best Way To Lose Weight After Diagnosis of Diabetes

This study shows that the best thing one can do after diagnosed as being diabetic is to start losing weight soon after diagnosis. This behaviour shows better control of blood sugar and blood pressure, it also help maintain the control even after regaining weight. Read the details...
Losing Weight Soon After Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis Doubles Positive Outcomes

Source: Science Daily - Diabetic Care

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to Lose Weight if You Hate Exercise

Although a diet and exercise plan is ideal for weight loss, yet exercise requires a space, time and will. If you hate exercise or you do not have the facilities it needs, then you only have calculations to make the balance between calories in and calories out.

The most important thing for you to lose weight is, be persistant!

Drop Pounds Without Exercising Shaister Miester Do Da

Source : Shaister Miester Do Da

Positive Eating is the Best Way To Lose Weight

Positive eating and no dieting is a growing trend among the people who want to lose weight. They eat what they enjoy amd stop worrying about food, they acquired a healthier relationship with food and eat more moderately.

There are some tips to help you eat moderately:
1- Do not keep eating tntil you are full
2- Chose smaller portions
3- Share a large entree
4- Do not eat because there is food in your plate, you should really like what you eat
5- Keep smart about what you eat and eat whatever you want

Is "no diet" the best diet plan of all? Feeding Frenzy

Source : The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lifestyle Change Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Lifestyle change is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Lifestyle changes include:

1- Changing eating habits

2- Daily exercise
tBlog - The Best Way to Lose Weight

Source: tBLOG

Monday, October 6, 2008

So..How Can Fat Vegetarians Lose Weight?

We can not go extreme to obtain our goals, so if we want to lose weight we can not ban foods!

To lose weight effectively and permenantly we should acquire a balanced
healthy lifestyle. We need proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as we need trace elements and essential factors like essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and essential sugars.

Each of the mentioned elements are abundant in a certain food or food category, so if we neglect this food or category we may not get adequate amounts of them. We need to balance our diet to obtain all what our bodies need.

Here is a dietician that recommends you to go vegetarian if you want to lose weight! What if you can not? and how can Fat Vegetarians lose weight?
Read the dietician opinion here :

Fredericksburg.com - Forget fad diets; go vegetarian

Source: Fredricksburg.com

Keep a Food Diary To Lose Weight

The best way to help you lose weight and attain your goals of dieting is to keep a food diary. people can not accurately calculate all of their calorie intake depending only on their memories- this includes professionals as shown experimentally-.

There is laso calorie intake that is hard to remember like, lites, licks, and tastes. Diary keeps you informed with all calories you ingest, thus it can protect you from "holding the idea but neglecting the details" syndrome.

Writing info about food you eat will let you learn alot of things about how you gain weight and how you lose it. It helps you achieve your goal of whatever plan you follow. If you write down every details about your food - at least at the beginning of your diet - will make you fully aware of your goal; losing weight.

Go here and read many useful details about your diet and your weight:
The Single Best Way to Lose Weight

Source : Webmd.com

You can also watch this video to see how Keeping a food diary can double your weight loss
Source : ABCNews

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is Raw The Best Way To Lose Weight?

This is the story of a woman that lost 160 pounds of her weight after shifting from eating meat, animal products and processed foods to a diet that consisted of uncooked and unprocessed vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds.

Although I personally like raw food very much and recommend all people to include them in their diet, yet there some remarks about the story:

* The given results are obtained by one person. The results should be obtained consistently by a relatively large number of people to be a scientific fact. Science is all about generalization and not privatization.

* Could all people stand this drastic change in eating habits?

Read and watch the story and comments and opinions here...
Woman goes raw, loses more than half herself - CNN.com

Source: Google News

The Simple Way to Lose Weight

How simple is that way?

You judge, read...
A Not-So-Cheap Way to Get Skinny - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

Source: New York Times

Is Low Fat Diet the Best Way to Lose weight?

A study published in New England Journal of Medicine that followed 300 moderately obese persons revealed the following results:

* People on Low-fat diet only lost 6.5 pounds. They have increased fasting glucose levels, high levels of which are a sign of diabetes

* People on Low-carb diet lost 10 pounds. They have increased levels of good cholesterol and down levels of atherosclerosis-causing triglycerides

* People on Mediterranian diet lost 10.3 pounds. They have a decresed fasting glucose level

Again, every individual should seek the one plan that is convenient to him and fits his needs the best.

Read the detalis of the study and other comments and opinions here...
How To Choose A Diet That Works - Forbes.com

Source: Google News

Saturday, October 4, 2008

International Views of the Best Way to Lose Weight

What is the different views of the best way to lose weight, how people in different places of the world evaluate different ways to lose weight like exercise, dieting, taking drugs, and surgery.

BBC gives us a feedback from different countries about the risks of obesity and the different ways for losing weight. Listen to this programme:
BBC World Service | Globesity

What is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

Why it is more difficult to lose weight than gain it? and what is the best way to lose weight?

Over 6,000 genes - about 25 percent of the genome - help determine an individual's body weight, so a quick fix of the obesity problem in general is unlikely. Every individual should seek what is best for himself in particular guided by the scientific findings revealed day after another. Read the full story...

Body Weight Influenced By Thousands Of Genes
Source: Science Daily / Monell Center