Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weight Watchers is The Best Documented Plan

Weight Watchers is a better documented weight loss plan among 10 of the most popular weight loss programs in US, according to researchers who published their review in Tuesday's Annals of Internal Medicine.
According to 1 study of Weight Watchers, participants lost around 5 percent (about 10 pounds) of their initial weight in 6 months and kept half of it 2 years later.

Science in weight loss plan involves, its components, safety, staff qualification, cost and effectiveness, and these elements should be elucidated through protracted studies. Although the researchers reviewed 10 of the most popular weight loss plans in US, yet 9 of them had not enough evidence to support the claims of many of them about helping people to lose weight.

Unlike resolved health problems, weight loss problem has not been resolved and millions of people who spend billions of dollars, do not have much solid ground to go on when choosing their weight loss program. Even the given results of Weight Watchers' can be considered of a modest value to heavy and obese people. Weight loss plans are in the stage of alternative medicine.

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Source : msnbc - health

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