Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do Not Diet and Follow These Ways To Lose Weight

You can acquire some habits that make you need not to diet, and you will lose weight. These ways are:

1- Eat good healthy fillers
Vegetables and fruits absorbs water and swells in your stomach, thus occupying more space and making you feel less hungry, moreover, the water saturated fibers in these foods are heavier in weight and need more calories to move down your gut.

2- Walk a dog an hour every week

3- Sleep more than 6 hours every day

4- Make your dishes sniffy by adding spices

5- Have a positive attitude that makes you physically active

6- Do not eat before you are hungry and stop eating just before you are full

7- Meditate before and during eating

8- Salty foods leads to big sugary drinks that add pounds

9- Chose funny shows to watch

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