Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hot 17 Tips To Lose Weight

1- Replace your heavy mayonnaise with low fat yogurt. You can use 1 teaspoon of Ijon mustard or satay souce with yogurt

2- Do not leap any meal specially breakfast. Do not direct your body to conserve energy during a time of limited calories

3- Pack your vegetables like zucchini and pepper with flavored fillings
Deceive Your Body To Lose Weight

4- Execise for 20-30 minutes prior to the evening meal to break metabolism slow-down in the evening

5- Browse healthy recipes and arm yourself with good information about nutrition

6- Gain new cooking habits to avoid the unwanted additives like fat, salt and sugar

7- Minimize oil in your cooking and use olive or canola oil, or even stir fry without oil

8- Substitute non fat yogurt for cream in cooking

9- Use spices and herbs rather than salt (all meat contains salt and you can taste it in well-done meat)

10- Eat slowly and chew your food, this contributes to reduce your appetite

11- Avoid huge meals and eat small meals(3) and snacks(20

12- Try not to reject skin of fruits and vegetables, they almost contain valuable nutrients, act as a filling, and help fight constipation

13- Make use of the good content of proteins in beans and legumes like, soya beans,tofu,lentils,beans..etc, use them in caserolls and soups

14- Avoid eating 3 hours or more before going to sleep, your metabolism is already sleepy

15- Substitute salad for fast food ,it takes 10 minutes and fills you with good nutrients

16- Omitt egg yolks when making omelette, this allows you to use larger number of eggs

17- Relate your shopping list to your menu plan before you go shopping

Do not forget discipline and maintain consistent plan