Monday, October 20, 2008

Is The New Beverly Hills Diet For You?

Beverly Hills diet is based on the notion that there are faster digesting foods and slower digesting foods, and that each category of foods has favorable conditions for proper digestion; in other words:

- Fruits are self digesting and needs 15-20 minutes to digest
- Carbohydrates takes about 3 hours to digest and its digestion begins in the mouth with saliva which requires an alkaline medium
- Proteins takes up to 10 hours to digest, and digestion is basically done in the stomach with its acidic medium
- Fats are not eaten alone and receives not much attention in the plan

Accordingly, each food category (fruits,carbohydrates,proteins) should be eaten alone and not mixed together, otherwise, faster-digesting food would be trapped behind a slower one leading to poor digestion and prompting weight gain.

Pros and cons of Beverly Hills diet:
- it encourages eating enough fruits and vegetables which is good
- It encourages eating less calories (this is why any plan works)
- It needs a luxury lifestyle regarding time and money (may be Beverly Hills residents can afford)
- Not much attention is paid to fat and exercise
- Lack of adequacy makes it difficult to sustain

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Source: WebMD